august | 2012

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Let the music play

Let the music play with Apple iPod Shuffle
With buttons, VoiceOver, and playlists, it's the perfect mix.
Play your music on the go with the iPod shuffle. With its clip-and-go design, sleek finish available in five brilliant colors, and nifty features like VoiceOver and Genius Mixes, the iPod shuffle offers a smart and effective way to bring your essential music everywhere. Take a look at complete specifications here.

Feel the power of 12 cores

Feel the power of 12 cores in Apple Mac Pro
The new Mac Pro delivers more processing power, more graphics performance, and more storage options. Its the worlds newest superpower.
The Apple Mac Pro 12 Core is a powerful desktop computer, with 2.66 GHz of CPU and boasting 1TB SATA hard drive with a speed of 7200rpm, the Mac Pro now comes with 6GB of RAM which is fully expandable up to 32GB. The Apple Mac Pro 12-core is an incredibly powerful desktop PC and we are happy to announce this beast of a machine is now available in our store. See more details here.

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