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Father's Day - Gift Ideas

May 09, 2012

With Father’s Day fast approaching, you may be scrambling to find that perfect gift; one which shows your pride, gratitude and love for the man your call ‘Dad’. Whether, if it’s a fun, interesting, thoughtful or off-the-wall idea you’re looking for, you’ll find it here.

Personalized beer mug

For all beer-loving Dads, this Personalized beer mug is sure to bring a smile to his face…each and every time he uses it!


Is your Dad the man who has everything? A man who appreciates the finer things in life? One who values his time and what he does with it? Then why not splash out on a timeless timepiece from Timex, and be part of every minute?


Not often on the top of their shopping list, Dads still love to be spoiled with perfume products once in a while. The wonderful thing about fragrances is that your kindness is remembered every day as he carries the scent of your gift around with him. We recommend the Chanel Antaeus perfume.